Carrer Guidance

What we offer:


The Careers Guidance and Recommendation Service to Graduate /Undergraduate Students & Fresh Job seeker. The application process is easy. Simply familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions and send us a completed short application form available here.

Our services are impartial, open to all students of the any Education Society / University of India, whatever your year of study and graduates up to three years after graduation.

Our friendly, helpful team of professional advisers are available to help you with all aspects of your career planning and decision-making, such as:

·         Making decisions about your future career

·         Getting relevant work experience

·         Planning your job search strategy

·         Making applications and preparing for interviews

·         Looking at postgraduate study options

·         Changing or leaving your course of study

·         Taking psychometric tests and preparing CVs

We also deliver a wide range of workshops and events to enhance your employability.



Careers Guidance Interviews:

Contact us if you would like to book a 45 minute careers guidance interview with a Careers Adviser. View the profile of the Careers Adviser for your subject.
The content of the appointment is up to you, as you will decide the issues you would like to converse and work on in the interview.


A Careers Adviser may:

·         Help you explore your options and consider the pros and cons.

·         Help you recognize your skills and interests.

·         Offer advice on how to research options further including career, postgraduate study and gap year options.

·         Give tips on how to search and apply for jobs and perform well at interviews/assessment centres.


A Careers Adviser won’t:

·         Tell you what career you ‘should do’ – Finally this is your decision.

·         Do all the research for you – they will help you with how you might research options further.


There is no limit to the number of times you can see a Careers Adviser; you can see one at any time during your course and in the first three years after you graduate.


Useful for whom? Those have a Question:


"I have no idea what I want to do!", "What can I do with my degree subject?", anything connected with your plans for your future career, postgraduate study, time out, working abroad and much more.


Impartial & Confident:

The advice and guidance you receive will be entirely impartial. This means that we will not promote particular careers, employers or postgraduate courses, but will help you decide which options are most suitable for you.

You may sometimes want to give personal and sensitive information to the Adviser. Any notes made by the adviser during the interview are for you and the Adviser only and are not passed on to anyone else.

For further information on our policies relating to these issues, see our Code of Practice  


Aryan HR Solutions Provides Careers Guidance & Recommendation Service - (CGRS)

Our Code of Practice:

Universal Ideology:

The principal purpose of the Careers Guidance Service is to provide career-related education, information, advice and guidance service CGRS to students at, and recent any graduates.


The AHRS works in cooperation with internal and external stakeholders to deliver these service CGRS in a professional and effective manner.


Definite Principles:

Privileges to CGRS


AHRS resource CGRS are open to all career oriented people. Graduates shall be entitled to use the CGS in person or by phone/email, for up to three years after their graduation.




Information, recommendation and guidance at all levels of provision is staffed and delivered by qualified, competent and committed practitioners. All staff are expected to attend relevant courses, both internal and external, in order to maintain and/or enhance their skills, knowledge and expertise both generally and to assist them in supporting particular subject or client groups.




We aim to provide all our clients with a service which is free from unlawful and unfair discrimination and welcomes diversity.


The CGRS supports all academic Schools and Faculties equally insofar as its resources permit in the provision of careers education and employability-related activities The CGRS shall advertise vacancies from, and facilitate visits by, all legally-recognised employers who request it.




We will not expose information about you outside of the CGRS without your permission, unless you are ill/highly distressed and we are concerned for you’re safety/the safety of others or you give information relating to illegal acts. Client records are kept to enable consistent and appropriate guidance to be offered to clients by whichever careers adviser is engaging with them. The CGRS shall ensure that all personal data.


Effective Communication:


The CGRS shall ensure that YOU fully informed about its activities, services and events throughout their time of Three years study tenure by email, newsletters, and bulletins through our web This website provides pages of information and resources for career oriented students & job seeker and staff and for employers.






The CGRS collaborates with student support units and academic Schools / Three Years of any University in India, by referring clients to those units which are able to offer the most appropriate guidance, support and information. The CGRS and individual Careers and Recommendation Advisers also cooperate with: Other careers services through membership of the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services and its specialist and regional groups; Employers providing graduate and undergraduate opportunities;


Basics of Interviews:

Re-evaluate your resume, and make sure that you can explain everything on it. Arrive at the interview ten minutes early to give yourself an opportunity to collect your thoughts and calm down. Be aware that many employers will have their receptionist’s record the time you came in. If you rush in at the last minute, an employer may have serious concerns about your ability to arrive on time for a normal day at work.

Get a good night's sleep before your interview. You will think more effectively in the interview if you are rested. Also, yawning will not impress anyone. Eat something before the interview. If you are worried about your stomach growling, you will not be able to concentrate on the questions.

Dress appropriately for the position that you are applying to. Try to dress like the people who work there would dress if they were representing their organization at some function. If you are unsure about what to wear.

Make sure that you are clean, neat, and well-groomed. Interviewers do notice your appearance, and first impressions are critical in an interview situation.

Take a copy of your resume, transcript, references and perhaps a portfolio or work samples with you. Also take a pen and paper, as you may want to record some important information.