Why Aryan

Why Aryan HRD ?

For Employer:

ARYAN HRD SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. (AHRS) is an instance of HR Services which has experience and a good reputation in the industry. The company specializes in providing recruitment services  from last 9 Years to the key sectors of the economy. Some of these sectors include the EPC, Pharma & Healthcare, FMCG & Manufacturing, IT, engineering, Sales & Business Development. So regardless of clients chosen vertical market or discipline, Aryan HRD has the expertise and knowledge to ensure that their requirements are met.

In many respects, recruitment agencies can save organizations a lot of time and money. This is because it costs firms money and resources to go through the whole process of employing new human capital. Using services from Aryan HRD can help firms avoid many of the costs and bottlenecks involved in recruiting. This also allows the firms to focus their time and resources on other aspects of their business.

The Internet, Social Media & new Tech. has allowed for all the aspects of our lives to be simplified to high extent, and finding a right job or a right employee is no exception to this rule. Both future employees and clients successfully use the services of an Aryan HRD to find what they are looking for in respect to their career.

Each client has specific requirements, and who is more appropriate to see to these requirements being met than an Aryan HRD that specializes in both recruiting and training personnel regularly and effectively. The standards of each client vary according to the way in which they balance cost and quality. This leads to varied requirements, and an Aryan HRD can meet even the most demanding ones.



Aryan HRD is driven by strong & visionary leadership which endeavours towards excellence by envisioning the potential. As an organization, Aryan HRD brings to the table a unique combination of Technology, Domain Expertise, Practice and personals; to cater to our client’s HRD requirements on a regular basis.

Our Web based Dashboard and Client Connect Portal provides clients 24/7 access to all significant information. -http://aryanjobs.com/index.php/home/register_employer. Clients can view and print various reports, cycle details, joining trend, compliance observance reports and many more such details. It also helps clients to access all relevant data across major industries and teams in a combine and complete manner.

Committed Contact Centre which includes Clients Hotline – 8080 860 260 where our clients can reach us or may leave a massage where the query may resolve asap. Also a dedicated E-mail id - hr@aryanjobs.com where a detailed query can be shared.

Both these channels are on Talisman platform to ensure TAT adherence for every query resolution



For Job Seekers / Employee :

If you are a job applicant, a crucial benefit of using an Aryan HRD services for free is the fact that you can take advantage of the business relationships between top level management and recruitment agencies. The affiliations and communication links, which recruitment agencies like Aryan HRD form with top-tier management enables them to obtain quick visibility on new jobs. So as a candidate, with the help of a recruitment agency, you have a good chance of getting noticed for jobs even before the job vacancy advertisements have been placed. The advantage you obtain from this cannot be too stressed upon. Using recruitment agencies like Aryan HRD will ensure that your exact recruitment specifications are met.

We also provide a personalized and well tailored service to their candidates. For example, after Aryan HRD has secured a position for their candidates, they enroll them on to their customer care program. The program ensures that their candidates receive full help and support through their employment duration. Hence, an Aryan HRD can not only find you a suitable job, it can help you get settled in your new role. To improve your chances of getting the job you want, using a Aryan HRD is the way to choose.

All in all, the services of an Aryan HRD can be a very useful tool for both Clients and employee seeking right employment, either permanent or temporary. And Aryan HRD taking their business online as well, it has become easier and more convenient to find exactly what you are looking for.



Our Web based Dashboard and associate Konnect portal provides clients 24/7 access to all significant information. - http://aryanjobs.com/jobseekers which enables them to view and modify personal details (Address/Phone number), download relevant information, carrier guide, interview tips, management tips for individual growth etc.. Further, Aryan HRD also has a devoted contact centre for associates – (022) 6534-3372 / 73 in to help associates with any query along with an E-mail id – info@aryanobs.com where they can share details with us for resolutions.

For Associate we also organised in-house Training relate to personal growth in our reg. office in Mumbai Aryan HRD has sufficient on ground capabilities to cater to its client’s hiring; compliance administration and other requirements at the different level.

With hiring capabilities across Metro Cities of India, our recruitment teams hire almost 40-50 personals per month across skill sets. Our extensive on ground presence through our local offices, Associations with government training programmes and local partnerships enable us to able to hire for our clients at a minor cost and with more rapid TAT.